Space Systems & Technologies


  • Participation in the SGEO (ARTES 11) program as core team member in charge of the TT&R subsystem and the satellite simulator
  • Satellite AIS user and service requirements
  • PASTA MARE: The PASTA MARE project aims at assessing the capacity of space borne AIS (Automatic Identification System) for supporting the European Commission’s maritime policy. 
  • Business and technical concept for a future AIS constellation
  • Study on the future use of AIS within the European Commission
  • AIS Payload on ISS (COLAIS project)
  • MAIA: Mobile Alert InformAtion system using satellites
  • Design and development of an innovative and modular messaging payload in the VHF / UHF frequency range
  • Development of an innovative PTC based heater concept for satellite propellant lines and electric boxes
  • Implementation of a novel on-board hyperspectral data compression tool 
  • Investigations on a possible return channel for GALILEO
  • Software defined radio (SDR) technologies
  • Integration of IPv6 protocols and technologies in future satellite communication
  • Study on the involvement of Luxembourg industry and research in the GMES space and ground segment
  • Feasibility study on space solutions for the monitoring of dangerous goods
  • Study on new telecommunication markets and technologies
  • Usage of GEO satellite ranging technology for Volcano Monitoring

Applications & Services